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It is a paste of figs fermented with herbs and honey, ouzo and petimeza fig. A traditional version of the classic fig paste for a more spicy note on our palate.The cheesecake is our ideal companion for the autumn and winter evenings. Matching vintage or macrodaphne equally well matches tsipouro, grappa or cognac.


A luxury White Chocolate Spread with a 30% Pistachio content which makes for an intense and unique flavour. A must for pistachio lovers. In addition to its exceptional taste this spread also provides the strong nutritional benefits of pistachios which include more potassium and Vitamin K than any other nut.  Typically used as spread, filling, topping, eaten alone.


Symi Sea Salt's Natural Sea Salt is a product of excellent quality and high nutritional value. It is produced in Symi, an island in the Dodecanese of the Aegean, from the sea water with allies the pure air and the sun, without any chemical or other treatment. it is certain that you will feel a special delightful delight.


With 60% more calcium, our traditional pasteli with black sesame seeds is the best source of energy and well-being. The amazing benefits of black sesame seeds combined with their unique aroma go perfectly with honey and cinnamon, and together they balance harmoniously, giving a tasty result.


Ingredients: Black sesame seeds 50%, honey 50%, cinnamon


Aegina pistachio

The Aegina Pistachio  is among the best quality and more delicious nuts. It has been classified as super food and not unfair. Looking at its nutritional value, we see it is one of the few foods, which in a small quantity gives us plenty of beneficial ingredients. It contains healthy fats, low calorie counts and lots of fiber.

The Aegina Pistachio nut is considered by the European Community to be a product with protected designation of origin (PDO) according to Regulation No 1263/96 EC. The pistachio nut is greatly prized, since it has an exquisite taste and a unique aroma owing to the island’s climate and the composition of the soil, thus labeling it the best pistachio variety in the world.


Rigatoni with Black Garlic, 400gr

Homemade Pasta


We combined our Innovative Pasta with the "Mega Super-Food" - BLACK GARLIC.

Black garlic: the dark Super Food

Already characterized as "super food" due to its antioxidant power and its dual nutritional and healing properties in relation to white garlic, black garlic also appears in our country and gains the impressions in the field of gastronomy and healthy eating.

It is a fermentation result of white garlic at high temperatures and high humidity levels for about a month. Then, to achieve a sweet taste, the garlic is left to oxidize in a special room for another 45 days. No chemical or preservative is added to it. It's a perfectly natural product.


Delicious vegetable soup with dehydrated vegetables, wheat flour and small pieces of dehydrated porcini. Mix unique flavors with great results. A product economical, if we take into account that This package contains 14 portions of the herb juice. A healthy plate, with many proteins, that contribute in the maintenance, development and repair of tissues, but also in many other functions. In boiling water pour 2 tablespoons of it product (for each portion). Add oil of your choice you lower the heat and let it boil for 12 minutes.

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