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Try the gourmet dessert "Strawberry Collection" for high gastronomic pleasures!

Juicy whole strawberries with chocolate couverture, which will take off your taste.

Enjoy them with various cheeses & cold cuts, as an accompaniment with sparkling wine or champagne, in crepes or yours, with strained yogurt, with ice cream or just plain

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With Tahini and Lemon juice

The ultimate appetizer of oriental origin! Hummus is prepared with Greek chickpeas, tahini and lemon juice to enjoy on bread, tortilla or Arabic pie, accompany it with grilled meats or as a dressing, adding olive oil to salads.


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Made from Greek tomatoes and herbs, this gourmet tomato chutney will take you on new delicious journeys!

Enjoy it in grilled feta or goat cheese, in juicy burger or delicious grilled, with ripe yellow cheeses or in bruschettas with manouri and figs.

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Soft & crunchy with Chocolate

Nutritious peanut spread!

Try the Handmade Soft Peanut Butter & the crunchy chocolate "Oi Goumenisses" in snacks, as a coating on bread, with fruit and in cooking and pastry recipes, combining the fantastic taste with all the nutritional benefits of peanuts.

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Homemade Sweet spoon Cherry Roupa

Wonderful, traditional spoon dessert from the crunchy & aromatic cherry "roupka" that is cultivated in the area of ​​Mount Paiko at an altitude of 1100 meters. With a content of 100% fruit and a little sugar, it is a uniquely pure pleasure, on ice cream and yogurt, in cream and panna cotta or as a coating on cheesecake.

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 kiwi Apple Jar!!!

Oi Goumenisses make delicious jams like our grandmothers with selected materials, art and love! Without water, only with fruit and sugar. Strawberry jam, for a delicious breakfast!

An utterly tasty and healthy jam. Kiwi is one of the most nutritious fruit, rich in vitamin C which is extremely beneficial to the human body. With its unique green colour, this jam is a breath of fresh air to cakes and tarts, savoury dishes and salads, or plain hot bread.


It is a paste of figs fermented with herbs and honey, ouzo and petimeza fig. A traditional version of the classic fig paste for a more spicy note on our palate.The cheesecake is our ideal companion for the autumn and winter evenings. Matching vintage or macrodaphne equally well matches tsipouro, grappa or cognac.


The variety of Corinthian black currants is distinguished by its sweetness and dull, dark color. Its grapes are dried on straw mats accordingto natural, traditional methods.


A healthy snack for all hours without sugar and other additives. Pea, sesame, honey, herbs in a balanced recipe with lots of vitamins, especially intense. Coated with sesame or pumpkin seed, it fits well with a variety of cheeses and sausages, salads and, of course, pure as a bar of energy. In the winter months you will find our paste and covered with black chocolate.


A luxury Hazelnut spread with a boost owing to the 30% hazelnut content in this White Chocolate spread the intense flavour of hazelnut makes this spread addictive. The high nut content allows for the benefit of hazelnuts with their high store of monounsaturated fat, vitamin E, and minerals.  Typically used as spread, filling, topping, eaten alone.


Ermionis’ oregano is cultivated on the Bairaktaris farm using a proper organic practice. It is collected at the beginning of May and is naturally dehydrated (avoiding the use of any kind of machinery). Next, it is rubbed by hand, is packed and stored, following the ISO specifications. ‘Ermionis’ oregano is special for its intense scent and strong flavor, thanks to the Ermionida climate.


Use it as a cold dip for nachos, vegetable sticks and tempuras.

Ideal for marinating poultry, red meat and seafood.

Add a tablespoon of our piri piri sauce in your dressing to add instant flavour and a hint of spiciness to your fresh salad or steamed vegetables.


The cherry on top that will give your meals another dimension! Grilled chicken, chicken salad, anything but chicken? – It goes well with everything!

314 ml glass jar

Flavour: sweet (pepper), characteristic of feta (filling)

Consumer instractions: ready for use, served with olive oil, after  opening keep in the refrigerator for two weeks

Stored in room temperature


A blend with a distinct Greek character that enriches food with lemony tones and a gourmet twist.

A bold selection of herbs combined with our own homemade lemon zest. Add it at the start of your cooking, in a saucepan or pot, in lemon recipes, soups, risotto, fish and seafood, mushrooms, pot roasts, legumes, chicken, snails.


Candy  with a round shape in the bite size.  Pistachio  coated with cinnamon and anise and is exquisite for both self-consumption and treat. It is a unique recipe for short, sweet and healthy breaks.

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