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Combine with milk, yogurt and herbal drinks.

 Ingredients: Oat flakes * 44.1%, raw cane sugar, wheat flakes *, sunflower oil, pop wheat *, grated coconut *, heat-treated spelled flour *, salt * Organic agricultural products Nutritional Value: 100

Nutrition per 100gr

Energy: 1820 kJ / 434 kcal

Fat: 16.0g

Saturated: 5.30g

Carbohydrates: 58.0g

Sugars: 17.0g

Edible Fiber: 9.0g

Proteins: 10.0g

Salt: 0.17g


Combine with milk, yogurt and herbal drinks.

* Organic agriculture products

Ingredients: Oat flakes *, rye flakes *, raisins *, corn flakes *, kernel oil *, sunflower seeds *, flaxseed *, pumpkin seeds *, coconut *, hazelnuts *, almonds *, yeast flakes * 0.2%.

Nutrition per 100gr

Energy: 1506 kJ / 359 kcal

Fat: 7,5g

Saturated: 1.40g

Carbohydrates: 55.40g

Sugars: 6.30g

Edible Fiber: 10.10g

Proteins: 14.20g

Salt: 0.117g


The Energy King…………

No Added Sugar

The energy bar made ​​of 100 % natural raw materials. An excellent combination of flavor and nutritional value .

It joins the power of a beneficial root from Peru ( Maca ) , in conjunction with the nutritional value of Cranberries, of uncooked honey and dates in a mix with hemp protein, carob, sunflower seeds and fresh grounded almonds.

To complete this unique taste we add crumb from 100 % dark chocolate .

Enjoy without guilt a fresh , healthy meal , without preservatives and without flavorings .

INGREDIENTS: Sunflower seeds, Honey, Almond, Cranberries, Dates, Carob syrup, Hemp protein, Sesame, Maca, figs, Dark chocolate (100% cocoa), Raisins, 


The Chocolate………… The Healthy Pleasure

No Sugar! 

The consistent quality of Pasteleion with unbaked honey in a new chocolate experience .

It combines the rich taste and nutritional value of organic dark chocolate with the rich in vegetable proteins organic peanuts.

An ideal healthy snack packed for work , sports , school and every activity.

Enjoy without guilt a fresh , healthy meal , without preservatives and without flavorings .

INGREDIENTS: Peanuts 57%, Honey 14,5%, Dates 14,5%, Dark chocolate 14% (70% cocoa)


Easy Healthiness........

No Added Sugar

Organic peanuts in a combination with organic flower honey and biological dates. Another dining experience from Pasteleion rich in dietary digestible proteins.

 Ideal for a delicious healthy meal.

Enjoy without guilt a fresh , healthy meal , without preservatives and without flavorings . The original , rich flavor and aroma reveal the nutritional value of this combination.

INGREDIENTS: Peanuts 66%, Honey 17%, Dates 17%


The Original........

No Added Sugar

Pasteleion is a 50 gram bar made of pieces of almonds mixed with thyme honeyand melted dried fruits, rolled on sesame seeds.

It is not baked, thus remaining soft and healthy.

Its ingredients are mostly Greek and of organic farming, and we ensure that they remain intact during the preparation.

The thyme honey, the dried fruits and the nuts we use remain intact, as we ensure that they are not destroyed during preparation.

Enjoy guiltlessly a sweet, healthy food, with no preservatives and no flavor enhancements.

INGREDIENTS: Almond 59%, Thyme Honey 18%, Dry fruits 16% (dates, rasins) Sesame 7%


The Chocolate………… The Healthy Pleasure

A truly natural , healthy snack that you can carry anywhere with you.

A unique combination of organic dark chocolate with unbaked honey .

Based on the philosophy of Pasteleion

A nourishing delight rich in nutritional value and energy.


Almond 43%, Dark chokolate 20% (70% cocoa), Honey 19,5%, Dry fruits 12,5% (dates, rasins) Sesame 5%


A healthy snack for all hours without sugar and other additives. Pea, sesame, honey, herbs in a balanced recipe with lots of vitamins, especially intense. Coated with sesame or pumpkin seed, it fits well with a variety of cheeses and sausages, salads and, of course, pure as a bar of energy. In the winter months you will find our paste and covered with black chocolate.


Our traditional pasteli with authentic Aegina pistachios is a true tasty treasure. Without added sugar and preservatives, this select snack locks in all the beneficial properties of its ingredients. The healing effects of the honey combined with the beneficial properties of cinnamon, nutritious sesame seeds and valuable Aegina pistachios offer a unique taste experience.

Ingredients: Sesame seeds 45%, Aegina pistachios 5%, honey 50%, cinnamon