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Handmade Limoncello Corfu Traditional Liqueur

Transparent, fragrant and delicious, the liqueur liqueur is served frozen as a digestive beverage after every meal. It is combined with sweet tarts, fruit salads, cakes and dried fruits. It's also great with crushed ice or as an ingredient in cocktails.


 A special variety of tomatoes is used, which after harvesting in the late summer are split open, salted and left to dry under the hot greek sun until they achieve the desired dryness. Marinated & packaged in greek olive oil for a lighter texture, drain & place them on your plate to smell and taste the greek  flavour .


Our traditional pasteli with authentic Aegina pistachios is a true tasty treasure. Without added sugar and preservatives, this select snack locks in all the beneficial properties of its ingredients. The healing effects of the honey combined with the beneficial properties of cinnamon, nutritious sesame seeds and valuable Aegina pistachios offer a unique taste experience.

Ingredients: Sesame seeds 45%, Aegina pistachios 5%, honey 50%, cinnamon


With 60% more calcium, our traditional pasteli with black sesame seeds is the best source of energy and well-being. The amazing benefits of black sesame seeds combined with their unique aroma go perfectly with honey and cinnamon, and together they balance harmoniously, giving a tasty result.


Ingredients: Black sesame seeds 50%, honey 50%, cinnamon


A traditional recipe that locks in all the flavours of its three basic yet amazing raw materials! The best honey from Mount Helicon, select and tasty sesame seeds and cinnamon, a valuable ingredient which gives it its unique aroma and beneficial properties. These three ingredients blend harmoniously to create the authentic Melichio pasteli with knowledge, love and artistry.

Ingredients: Sesame seeds 50%, honey 50%, cinnamon


‘Ermionis’ thyme is a self-sown herb. It blooms in June and is collected on the Bairaktaris farm at the beginning of July. It is naturally dehydrated, packed and stored, following the ISO specifications. The dry/warm climate of the Ermionida region is beneficial to thyme, giving us the supreme thyme honey, whereas as a herb it is special for its rich essential oils, adding an excellent flavor to food.


Rosemary is also cultivated on the Bairaktaris farm using proper organic practices. Rosemary is one of the most important apiculture herbs and is collected by the end of May. It is naturally dehydrated, packed and stored, following the ISO specifications.


"Ermionis" sage comes from the indigenous varieties of Kithira and Mani and it is cultivated on our farm using a proper organic practice. The combination of these two varieties adds a distinct and sweet flavor to it. It is collected at the beginning of September, because its scent is at its most intense at the time.  Then, it is naturally dehydrated, is packed and stored, following the ISO specifications.  Sage is famous for its many healing qualities


Ermionis’ oregano is cultivated on the Bairaktaris farm using a proper organic practice. It is collected at the beginning of May and is naturally dehydrated (avoiding the use of any kind of machinery). Next, it is rubbed by hand, is packed and stored, following the ISO specifications. ‘Ermionis’ oregano is special for its intense scent and strong flavor, thanks to the Ermionida climate.


Μέλι αρωματικών φυτών με θυμάρι, Αυτή η μοναδική ποικιλία από βιολογικά αρωματικά φυτά και θυμάρι ξεχωρίζει για την ανώτερη γεύση του, το ανοιχτόχρωμο χρώμα του και την περιεκτικότητα του σε βιταμίνες. Συλλέγεται στις αρχές Ιουνίου από την φύση της Ερμιονίδας.


A healthy snack for all hours without sugar and other additives. Pea, sesame, honey, herbs in a balanced recipe with lots of vitamins, especially intense. Coated with sesame or pumpkin seed, it fits well with a variety of cheeses and sausages, salads and, of course, pure as a bar of energy. In the winter months you will find our paste and covered with black chocolate.