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Mastic Liqueur from the Kosteas Family  Distillery in Kalamata Peloponnese.

A "gentle" Liquer Mastic, full of the aromas and flavor of our unique mastic.

A unique liqueur, delicious, fragrant and Greek !!!

Enjoy it frozen after dinner and let its taste to … travel you.


Οne of the finest wines in the world from overripe, sun-dried grapes.  It ages for 6 years in oak barrels.  Its color is deep amber, with beautiful orange hints, with a nose of raisins, dried fruits, honey and dried nuts. Good acidity, long aftertaste with smoky notes and macaroons. 

The mouth surprises us with its freshness.  Served at 12-14 ° C. 


It belongs to the Vins de Liqueurs category and it is the most popular wine of Samos. It is the No. 1 sweet wine in sales in Greece and it is exported worldwide. From semi-mountainous and mountainous terraces.  It has a light golden color and the nose is dominated by aromas of apricot jam and mature melon.  A fruity taste with summer fruits in the foreground.  Served at 8-10 ° C.


Aged 5 years in oak barrels.  A highly complex and profound bouquet that has been built layer by layer.  In the mouth, its wonderful balance maintains almost intact the primal freshness and the noble aromas of Muscat with the tertiary aromas of aging.  Served at 12-14ο C.


A classic Vin Doux Naturel. Its color is reminiscent of imperial topaz, with an intense and harmonious nose.  In the mouth, it is fresh and sweet and its acidity perfectly balances it. It is pleasantly cool. It is produced from well-matured White Muscat grapes of selected semi-mountainous vineyards. Served at 8-10ο C.