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Pate- Dip are a reliable choice of accompanying sauce for grilled meats, sausages, pasta pastes and sandwiches. Whether as an appetizer for a formal meal or as a snack for a party, they are the easiest and tastiest proposal that ideally accompanies wine or even cocktails.



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Add the creamy Pesto to the pasta of your choice and mix lightly. Add a bit of salt and preferably extra parmesan. Enjoy!


Sunflower oil, cashew nuts (24%), water, basil (12%), gouda[1]parmesan cheese powder (3%) (contains milk, preservative: sodium nitrite, colors: carotene, annatto), sugar, acidity regulator: lactic acid, powdered milk, salt, modified starch, lemon juice, garlic powder.


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We couldn’t leave out that unique to Greece spice!

Made with mastic, a spice that is picked from the tears of the mastic tree, unique to the island of Chios in the Northern Aegean sea.

Mastic has a truly unique flavour, like nothing you’ve tried before, an inspiring flavour.

The freshness of the mint just adds to the sauce’s beauty.


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Simply Unique!

Rakomelo is a traditional Greek drink that is enjoyed cold or heated before or after a meal.

It is made with Tsikoudia, an ouzo like drink without aniseed and honey. Here we have added it to our sun kissed tomatoes to create a mind blowing experience!

The sweetness of the tomato adores the honey based drink and together they offer an irresistible flavour.

Spread it on sandwiches, use a condiment with cheese and cold cuts, use as a sauce with pasta, meats and poultry, use as a dip, or even a pizza topping!         


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Simply Mesmerising

Three desirable ingredients in rapturous harmony blending together beautifully to create a flavour that is simply captivating as well as intense.

The beetroot, the white cured feta cheese and the aromatic herb can all be sensed in each bite.

Not only a refreshing and sensational taste but also an exquisite and lively colour.

Try as a spread in sandwiches, a dip with crackers, a pizza topping, with pies, with pasta or rice.

Great when mixed in with mashed potato!


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Simply Superb!

A marvellous combination of the blessed fruit, as Greeks call the olive and that adorable nut.

Two intense flavours in a match made in Heaven! We have left the texture to be crunchy to make each bite a delight.

A rich and amazing taste, to be enjoyed on canapés, with bruschetta, with mash, on pizza……


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Cretan Product of Organic Agriculture

High quality organic olive paste from Koroneiki olives.

Ingredients: organic olive paste, Koroneiki variety, salt, oregano, olive oil.

Product maintenance: place olive oil on top of the package after each use.

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The black currant superfood spread with allmond can perfectly accompany our breakfast on bread, toast, cereals, crackers, yogurt, but also we can taste it with spoon for those who want to taste more pure characteristics.

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