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Black Currant, 200 gr


The variety of Corinthian black currants is distinguished by its sweetness and dull, dark color. Its grapes are dried on straw mats accordingto natural, traditional methods.

Our black currant is a nutritional theasure, hidden inside its wrinkled flesh, such a wealth of antioxidants, minerals and dietary fiber that can convince even the most skeptical of its benefits. The worship of it in the ancient era reached high limits. Greeks and Romans believed that it had magical abilities and its adorned inside the temples. They even used it as a medicine and specifically Roman Physicians  believed that healed everything. The drying is made by family traditional ways on threshing and passed from generation togeneration, from father to son, bringing all those elements that make our currant sought after.

For the properties of black currants coyld be written book, one of the key features is that just because it is consumed with the peel, has a very high percentage of dietary fiber, higher than other types of raisins, also the sweetness is due the high content of fructose, which has a very low glycemic index compared to glucose and resulting raisins has moderate glycemic index, making it ideal for consumption by people who have sugar.


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