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Turned-pasta with Turmeric, 400gr, "EUZOIA"


Homemade Pasta

Turned-pasta with Turmeric!

Authentic pasta made from exceptional varieties of hard wheat. Combine the benefits of Turmeric with those of Wheat. With slow drying, we keep the flavor, aroma and nutrients of the product unaltered.

Turmeric: Benefits of "Healthier Spice in the world"

- It has natural anti-inflammatory properties.

- It dramatically increases the antioxidant capacity of the bodyIt strengthens the neurotrophic factor in the brain, which is associated with improved brain function and lower risk of brain disease.

INGREDIENTS: 100% semolina, 30% turmeric, salt, water.

Boiling Time: 6-8 '

Nutritional information per 100g :

Energy 1529KJ / 364Kcal

Fat 1.2g of which saturated 0.2g

Carbohydrates total 76.2g of which sugars 3.4g

Edible Fibers 4.0g

Proteins 12.8g

Salt 0.2g


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