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Wholegrain Pasta Spirals with Mushrooms 400gr Natural History Museum Of Meteora & Mushroom Museum


Product of the supersaturated mushroom  series. It is an original combination where the whole grain pasta coexists, with the medicinal plant Aronia and the medicinal mushroom Fruit. The result is a product with taste and nutritional peculiarity but also with maximum biological value. The hypoglycemic properties of Coprinos coexist with the antioxidant substances of Aronia and act as protective agents for a number of functions of the body. It is suitable for diabetics and people who want low-fat foods. Boil for about 10 minutes.                                                                         

Museum of Natural History of Meteora &  Mushrooms Museum

The mushrooms come from the wider area of Meteora, which is famous for its quantity but mainly for its quality.


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