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Oregano, Herbs "Ermionis" 40gr


Ermionis’ oregano is cultivated on the Bairaktaris farm using a proper organic practice. It is collected at the beginning of May and is naturally dehydrated (avoiding the use of any kind of machinery). Next, it is rubbed by hand, is packed and stored, following the ISO specifications. ‘Ermionis’ oregano is special for its intense scent and strong flavor, thanks to the Ermionida climate.

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Our bee-keeping occupation began in 1914, when our family first got involved with it. We ourselves are the fourth generation of apiarists, keeping that tradition alive. Our long bee-keeping experience led my wife and myself to a more professional involvement, so we established the first honey and herb packaging enterprise in Argolida in 2007. In 2008 our brand name ‘Ermionis’ was created and since then all our honey and herb products have been promoted and distributed to the local market under it. Our firm has applied the original food safety system ISO 22000 since the very beginning, and our farm, where our bees grow and reproduce, and our herbs are cultivated, has been certified as ‘an organic farm’ by ΔΗΩ institution ( the Greek institution for the certification of organic products).

Our enterprise has expanded, including the establishment (2009) of the Bee Museum, where visitors can come in immediate contact with the bee world.

The enterprise is an original unit of production and packaging, and our honey is checked for its purity and freshness by an accredited chemistry lab every year. Since our first day to present day we have been trying to retain our principles and develop dynamically, offering our customers the best quality products with responsibility and punctuality.

This stone, with the hand-carved inscription, was found at Thini, a location in Kranidi, Ermionida, at the land and the first apiary owned by the Bairaktari family.  It was the base for the kofini (a kind of a basket), an older type of a beehive, which Athanasios Bairaktaris, great-grandfather of Kosmas Bairaktaris, used. The family collected that stone and kept it in their new apiary at the Kominia location in Kranidi, as a symbol of the tradition and development of apiculture.

The aim of the apiary is to pass on our love for the bee and its products..


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