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Blended Spread “Nutorious” 200ml


 Cashews – Hazelnut – Almond

The most widely consumed varieties of nuts are now available as a spread rich in both flavor and nutrients.

A perfectly balanced blend of nuts!

No preservatives, sugar, salt and palm oil. Gluten-free .

·    IIt has a mild taste, a rich aroma and a natural sweetness.

It can be used as a spread on bread or toast, as a filling in croissants and crepes or as a topping for cup cakes and ice cream.

The product does not contain gluten, lactose and additives.

  • Gluten free
  • Lactose free
  • Without palm oil
  • Suitable for vegan

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Almonds have high levels of magnesium, protein, vitamin E and calcium.

They are essential for daily nutrition as they help the body digest and burn fat better.

Nutorious Almond Butter combines these two ingredients, resulting in an an amazing flavor.

It is suitable for wide variety of uses: as a breakfast spread on toast or bread, for filling pastries like crepes and croissants, or for cake and waffles.

You can also put a spoonful on your ice cream and enjoy an intense tasting experience!


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