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Sesame Cream with Cocoa and Stevia “Sisinni” 380gr


Sesame Cream with Cocoa 

No Added Sugar

Top quality cocoa tahini cream with gluten free and amazing cocoa flavor, suitable for Vegan, is ideal to spread on bread or toast, but even to enjoy it simply with a spoon.

Ingredients: Tahini (sesame paste) 50%, sweeteners: maltitol and steviol glycosides (extract from the plant stevia), skimmed cocoa powder 8%, vegetable oil (sunflower oil, cottonseed oil), emulsifier: soy lecithin.

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With the creation of the Premium Spreads series "the sweetest story" of the Sisinni family opens new tasty paths. Natural raw materials, such as almond, sesame, jandougia and hazelnut, blend harmoniously and create enjoyable, velvety textures, rich in nutrients. An ally of health and energy in five wonderful, exquisite flavors.


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