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Pistachios of Aegina Island: Why are they considered superfoods?

Pistachio is a deciduous tree - its height reaches 10 m of the Prycia and the Ancardioid family. Originally from Iran, it is cultivated in many regions, from Asia and the Mediterranean countries to America. The first pistachios came to Aegina - and later to Megara - at the end of the 19th century. Fresh Greek pistachios, since 1994, is a PDO product. (Protected Designation of Origin) to protect against unfair competition. Greece is the first country in Europe to produce pistachios and the...
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Pistachio, a unique product with its own festival

Pistachio belongs to the nut family and is a product of high nutritional value, rich in vitamins, potassium and protein. Although it includes many calories, studies have shown that not only is not associated with weight gain and obesity but also that it reduces the risk of developing heart disease.
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Aegina Pistachio, the Unique!

The peanut or Pistacia vera, is a deciduous tree, with branches that have a crust color, leathery leaves and green complexes! It comes from Iran and is cultivated from Asia, the Mediterranean countries and up to America!
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