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Legumes and Pasta


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Vegetable soup 100% Greek semolina 'Biodoros Gaia'

Product of organic farming

Origin Imathia

Ingredients: durum wheat semolina*, carrot*, red & green pepper*, mushroom*, spinach*, salt, water

Boiling time 10 minutes

It is certified according to Regulation (EC) 834/2007

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BIODOROS GAIA wholemeal pasta offers all the valuable ingredients found in the husk of wheat seeds such as fibre, B vitamins, minerals and proteins.Their high content of B vitamins stimulates the metabolism and the nervous system, enhancing mental clarity and memory!


They are produced exclusively from wholemeal durum wheat semolina ground in a traditional stone mill.


Ingredients: organic durum wheat semolina and spring water.

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Ideal for pilaf and salads Its color is due to the outer rind of the rice which is removed at the stage of processing.

The rice with the characteristic yellow color is due to the special treatment of the fruit with steam, with the result that components of the rind pass to the grain.

It is considered ideal for pilaf and for any recipe, due to the fact that it remains granular, while its preparation time is almost the same as white.

Cooking method and time: 1 part Yellow, it takes 2½ parts liquid to cook. It takes about 15΄- 20΄ minutes, depending on how soft we want it.

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The husk of this rice is not removed during processing, with the result that the final product is rich in fiber and with a lower glycemic index compared to traditional rice.

 This way it retains most of its nutrients.

Recommended in healthy eating and weight loss diets.

Brown is hard rice so before boiling, it would be good to soak it for 30 to 40 minutes in lukewarm water for faster results.

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Ideal for stuffed.

 It has a high capacity to contain fats and is therefore suitable for pilaf that will not drain.

It is also suitable for baked goods.

 Method and time of cooking: 1 part Carolina, it takes 2½ - 3 parts liquid to cook.

It takes around 13΄ minutes if we want it to last a little and 15΄ minutes if we like it softer.

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Organic Glazed Rice

The grains of this rice tend to stick to each other during cooking.

They are elongated, thin, white and transparent.

Suitable for soups, (makes them thicker and very tasty) and sweets, such as rice pudding.

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A pasta found in many Greek islands.

The peculiarity of the traditional Chios s is that they were opened with the help of sparto, a shrub with long and slender branches, which functioned as a rolling pin.

They occupy an important place in Chios cuisine, and evoke memories of the past.


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