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Mixture 5 of cultivated mushrooms (pleurotus, yellow pleurotus, agarica, lentinula and grifola), in a unique combination of taste


Packed in a fully biodegradable ecological container in a modified nitrogen atmosphere, which offers ideal preservation and excellent preservation of aromas and taste.


They do not need straining after soaking because they are crystal clear unlike wild mushrooms that come from nature and need straining to remove any soil residue they may have or other forest elements such as leaves etc.

They can be made into a powder with a simple crushing in the blender. The powder dissolves very easily in all foods that have liquids such as sauces, omelettes, soups.





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The "forest mix" is a tasty unique mixture of 7 different mushrooms, of which the king mushroom, the black trumpet and the chanterelle, are "wild", native mushrooms selected from the Greek forests, combined with mushrooms of our own cultivation such as the gray and yellow Pleurotous and Lentinula (shiitake).

The former, grow under firs, oaks, beeches and chestnuts where the ideal microclimate of alternating high humidity and sunshine work together to produce coherent and clean mushrooms.

We choose the best, highest quality mushrooms and immediately after picking them, we clean and dry them, using the most ecological technology: our sun! 

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Artichokes have great nutritional value. They have antioxidant properties while being rich in B vitamins, vitamin C, vitamin K and folic acid.

Artichokes in sunflower oil are the perfect appetizer for ouzo and tsipouraki.

Ingredients: Artichoke, salt, sunflower oil, parsley, vinegar, pepper.

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You can add capers in any dish to add a spicy touch, to your salads, sauces or even pizza!

Capers is an important source of various vitamins, minerals and antioxidants!


Capers*, roditis grape vinegar*, olive oil*, water, salt, acidulant: citric acid. . *Organic agriculture product

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Dolmades with light lemon sauce

Taste this absolutely unique food, Dolmades by «Goumenisses», made with tender vine leaves from the mount Paiko, herbs from the Pella region and rice from rice paddies of Axios!

Enjoy it as an appetizer with Greek yogurt or as a main course with just the lemon sauce that accompanies them!


FILLING 60% (rice 35%, water, chives, virgin olive oil, onion, lemon juice, dill, natural flavor: yeast extract, salt, sugar, spices), FILLING BROTH juice, 25% (water, lemon juice, salt, natural flavor: yeast extract, modified corn starch), VINE LEAVES 15%.

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