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Honey and Nuts


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A healthy snack for all hours without sugar and other additives. Pea, sesame, honey, herbs in a balanced recipe with lots of vitamins, especially intense. Coated with sesame or pumpkin seed, it fits well with a variety of cheeses and sausages, salads and, of course, pure as a bar of energy. In the winter months you will find our paste and covered with black chocolate.


A luxury Hazelnut spread with a boost owing to the 30% hazelnut content in this White Chocolate spread the intense flavour of hazelnut makes this spread addictive. The high nut content allows for the benefit of hazelnuts with their high store of monounsaturated fat, vitamin E, and minerals.  Typically used as spread, filling, topping, eaten alone.



A Luxury White Chocolate Almond Spread with multiple properties thanks to the 30% Almond content inside. Almonds are packed with vitamins, minerals, protein and fiber. Therefore this wonderful spread allows one to enjoy the exquisite sweet taste of white chocolate while at the same time getting the full flavour and nutritional benefit of almonds. Typically used as: spread filling, topping, eaten alone.


A luxury White Chocolate Spread with a 30% Pistachio content which makes for an intense and unique flavour. A must for pistachio lovers. In addition to its exceptional taste this spread also provides the strong nutritional benefits of pistachios which include more potassium and Vitamin K than any other nut.  Typically used as spread, filling, topping, eaten alone.


Our traditional pasteli with authentic Aegina pistachios is a true tasty treasure. Without added sugar and preservatives, this select snack locks in all the beneficial properties of its ingredients. The healing effects of the honey combined with the beneficial properties of cinnamon, nutritious sesame seeds and valuable Aegina pistachios offer a unique taste experience.

Ingredients: Sesame seeds 45%, Aegina pistachios 5%, honey 50%, cinnamon