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The king of pasta in its lighter, more digestible version. Building on our experience in spaghetti making, we source premium spelt flour, knead it without adding salt, shape it in bronze dies and slowly air-dry it. Once it starts cooking, enjoy the earthy aroma of a high quality spelt wheat. Let indulgence escalate into pleasure when tasting the lightest and easiest-to-digest spaghetti you’ve ever had. You don’t need to mask its flavor with excessive sauces! A small dollop of cream cheese or a light tomato sauce is enough for an outstanding Agrozimi dinkel/spelt spaghetti meal.




Delicate and ethereal, almost magical, perhaps the finest pasta –hence its name. Its shape makes it ideal for soups, but also a host of other kitchen endeavors. Sautée some angel hair pasta and give your pilaf a unique look and taste. Make imaginative soups. Cook it like spaghetti and it’ll become your children’s favorite. A twirl of its extra thin strands next to a steak will get the general thumbs-up. Feel free to experiment and let Agrozimi angel hair pasta surprise you with its delightful flavor.



Traditional and innovative at the same time.

 A pasta coming from the culinary tradition of Pontian Greeks who lived in the Black Sea region, with a shape ideal for gourmet creations in any modern-day kitchen. Makarina pasta falls in between spaghetti and angel hair. Cook it like spaghetti, but don’t be too generous with the sauce as it’s thin and calls for delicate handling. It pairs well with raw sauces that make the most of its shape and bring out the aromas of a strictly sourced wheat flour harmoniously mixed with fresh milk and eggs. Add a steamy twirl of makarina pasta to meats and poultry and create impressive dishes that never fail to please.


Boiling time: 7 minutes

Ingredients: Semolina from durum wheat, fresh pasteurized eggs, fresh pasteurized whole cow’s milk.



A nutty, oven-toasted dough.

Let simplicity soothe your taste buds with a traditional Pontian pasta that works wonders in modern-day dishes. Evristo pasta has been toasted in an oven, so it can be ready in a matter of minutes. It has a special browned flavor and it’s so delicious that you can just have it plain. Traditionally, Pontian Greeks who lived in the Black Sea region served it with a knob of fresh butter. Put together timesaving dishes and enjoy the taste of a refined toasted dough.

Boiling time: 8 minutes

Ingredients: Soft wheat flour.


Penne with cuttlefish ink. Classic luxury. We use hard type of Greek Semolina and specifically of Northern Greece. We follow the traditional recipe for pasta, an open hug ready to match the most exquisite and pure ingredients that will give them a unique flavor, aroma and color.The pasta is handmade and in small quantities, without preservatives and additives, dried for 18-20 hours. All the nutrients and aromas of the Greek countryside are indisputable.

Ingredients: 100% Semolina, 3% cuttlefish ink.

Kalories per 100gr: 377 kcal

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