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Whole Wheat Tahini

Super food a completely natural product!

~ Prevents osteoporosis as it is rich in calcium

. Contains potassium and zinc that helps boost the immune system

. Contains manganese and selenium where they help in the antioxidant action

~ Contains iron where it stimulates the body and fights anemia as well as copper that helps strengthen the joints

. Contains carbohydrates that help the gastrointestinal tract

~ Contains Ω6 fats that lower cholesterol as well as vitamin E that Prevents aging !!

Ingredients: whole grain sesame, cocoa and honey.

Free of sugar, salt, palm oil and preservatives

Immediate Available

Tahini with Greek flower honey!

The two ingredients (tahini & honey) are separated in the vase when you buy the product, so that you can see the quantity and quality of the honey.

Grab a spoon and stir until the mixture becomes homogeneous.


Tahini (ground sesame) 75%, honey 25%

Immediate Available

Whole grain tahini is another superfood special option.

It is made from 100% un-hulled sesame which is darker in colour, rich in natural fibers and with a slightly spicier taste and thicker feel than the classic tahini.


100% whole grain sesame pulp

Immediate Available

Classic Tahini is a superfood of high nutritional value that is made of 100% ground sesame.

 In our factory we choose and import the most expensive qualities of sesame (Sudan and Ethiopia origins), we make sure they are meticulously cleaned and after a long processing procedure that follows a 100 years old recipe, the result is a blonde tahini, with a light taste without being bitter, which preserves all of its valuable vitamins and fatty acids.


100% hulled sesame pulp

Immediate Available

A nutritious spread for our kids’ breakfast, and not only the kids…

Cocoa lovers will appreciate its combination with our premium tahini, while the freshly roasted and crushed almond together with greek honey give it a surprising twist!

Immediate Available

Sweet and healthy snack, a very good alternative to sweets.

Add them to your milk, or yoghurt, with cereals.

Try them with honey & nuts, or with melted couverture.

Enjoy without calories!


Organic apples

Immediate Available

Dried banana of the Viodoros Gaia company, which is a sweet, healthy, alternative snack with many nutrients.

 It is a very good source of potassium, energy, vitamin B6, vitamin C, fiber, and a small amount of protein.

It can be eaten as a snack, but also in confectionery recipes, such as fruit cakes.

It is a product of certified organic cultivation, where pesticides and chemical fertilizers have not been used during their cultivation.

 It does not contain added sugar, which makes the product healthier.


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Spirulina is an algae that contains more than 100 nutrients in ideal proportions. Among others, it contains high-quality proteins, lipids, sugars, vitamin B1, B5 and B6, vitamin E, beta-carotene, iron, copper, potassium, zinc, magnesium, phosphorus, iodine, calcium, antioxidants, fatty acids and chlorophyll.

Its antioxidants act against free radicals and the aging of the body. Linoleic acid helps regulate cholesterol levels.

Chlorophyll helps the growth and rebuilding of body tissues.

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Black currants are grown exclusively in Corinth.

That is why this variety is known worldwide as Currants.

Black raisins are simply the end product resulting from drying black grapes (with seeds) in the sun.

It is an excellent source of Potassium, which has been proven to be one of the elements that reduces fluid retention.

 Raisins are rich in fiber, which works against constipation.

Black currants contain fructose and glucose in concentrated, dehydrated form and give immediate energy and stimulation.

They are rich in iron, simple carbohydrates, calories and vitamin C (100gr contains 300mg of C).

Due to the high iron content, it helps with anemia.

Immediate Available