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A balanced organic tea that combines ginger, peel and natural lemon aromas.

A great way to start the day or close it just before bed.

Organic products are a very important food choice, they have nutrients, they are delicious and they keep their taste unchanged and they significantly benefit our health.

 Ingredients: Ginger * (37%), licorice *, lemongrass * (14%), hibiscus *, lemon peel * (7%), natural lemon flavor (2%), lemon myrtle * (1%)



Mint is one of the most popular herbs and has been known since antiquity for its unique aroma and its therapeutic value.

This popular herb, mint, has many benefits which include proper digestion and weight loss, relief from nausea, treatment of depression and fatigue, treatment for asthma and skin care problems.



The nettle (or nettle) belongs to the genus of angiosperm plants Cnidis and the family Cnidoids. It is an annual or perennial, herbaceous, native plant and has great nutritional value.

Contains vitamins, chlorophyll, nitrogen, iron and other important trace elements. Pliny and Dioscorides mention its healing properties and in many villages it is used to boil and eat it.


As a decoction: Boil for 2-3 minutes 50 grams in a liter of water. Remove from the heat and leave for 20 minutes. Then we put it in a bottle and drink whenever we want. As an infusion: Put 2-3 tablespoons of leaves and seeds in a cup of water for 10 minutes. We drink it in 3 doses of 2 tablespoons every day.


Organic Aroadamos comes from Sitia, Crete

Sage is an herb with a strong taste and has been used in Greece in cooking and as a medicine for thousands of years.


Sage is used for indigestion, gastritis, bloating, heartburn.

For anxiety, depression. Used to strengthen the nervous system. It helps in case of melancholy and pessimism.

It is a very good memory tonic. For memory loss and Alzheimer's.

It is also used against colds, coughs and shortness of breath, for swollen nasal passages and asthma.

Gargle for gum disease, mouth sores, sores, sore throat and tongue.

For hot flashes in menopause.


Cocoa fiber is produced from roasted cocoa beans after cleaning, sterilization and grinding.

They are low in fat and carbohydrates, but retain the full flavor of cocoa.


Also cocoa fiber:

• They can replace 50% to 100% of cocoa powder in baked goods and chocolate products, thus reducing the fat of the final product

• They offer a rich taste and aroma of cocoa

• Provide better homogeneity in the dough

• Overall, they give a much better result than the classic cocoa powder

Nutritional Value per 100gr

Energy:983 kJ / 240 kcal


Saturated fat:4g






No added sugar.

White tea still holds its secrets and is considered as the rarest variety in the world. It is an exceptional tea variety having the highest content of antioxidants and nutrients. Combined with natural pomegranate juice, it stands out from common teas while it offers a  mature, full taste which makes your ice tea even more enjoyable. To all of the above, add the unique qualities of the pomegranate, the fruit that could be regarded as superfood thanks to its high content of vitamins and nutrients. The perfect tea version in the same strict philosophy we follow without preservatives, without added sugar, with natural honey, without colorants and containg no condensed juice!


No added sugar.

The most popular tea in the world comes from Asia and is known for its beneficial qualities, mostly deriving from its strong antioxidants and its rich in catechines source. Add to that a high percentage of natural lemon juice and natural honey. The result is a top quality product, offering a great taste without preservatives, added sugar and colourants, which is  waiting to be discovered.


No added sugar.

We followed the same successful oriental recipe in our green ice tea with  mango. We preserved the best green tea variety, this natural antioxidant catechines source and managed to combine the wonderful taste of the exotic mango fruit with all the vitamins and benefits it offers.


No added sugar.

Black ‘healing’tea as it is called, is known worldwide for its high content of one of the most important antioxidants for the human organism: polyphainoles. Enriched with natural peach juice, it offers daily pleasure giving a wonderful feeling of coolness and refreshment all in one tasty and invigorating ice tea. Again, without added sugar containing natural honey and produced in the same quality way as all of our products.


No added sugar.

The new version in the area of ​​decoctions is called Yamas ice tea with Chamomile, Thyme and Honey! The First and only frozen ice cream in the world, of exceptional quality, with selected thyme herbs and natural honey! A unique combination of Healthy Ingredients, Rich in Nutrients, Vitamins and Natural Antibiotics!

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