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Lemon Green Tea “LEMONODASOS” 500ml


Concentrated green tea with lemon.

Unique favorite combination!

 Coolness, taste and aroma in one glass.

Tea with lemon and enjoy it without regrets!


The classic homemade green tea combined with the rich aroma of fresh lemons.

It contributes to the hydration of the body and is a good source of vitamins which work together to stimulate the immune system.


Lemonodasos iced teas are 100% natural, 100% preservative-free and 100% handmade.



1 part tea 4 water or carbonated (1/5)

With the 500ml bottle you can make up to 8 glasses

Keep: In a cool place and after opening for 10 days in the refrigerator


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The Lemon Forest of Poros, Troizinia is an area of approximately 500 acres of lemon trees which stretches along the Peloponnese coastline. Today, it is still a point of reference for the region. The Lemon Forest is mentioned in texts from the 18th century and it becomes clear that even then, the area displayed a strong trade and export activity with a focus on the production of lemons.

Inspired by the long history of the Lemon Forest, the Vlachos family has created a range of products using local fruit with the brand name “Lemonodasos” – Greek for Lemon Forest.


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