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Yogi Tea Natural Balance Bio 30.6gr


YOGI TEA® Natural Balance is a truly special tea – deliciously tangy lemon grass and liquorice are interpreted in a completely new way thanks to the addition of shiitake mushroom. Its slightly savoury, aromatic yet mild flavour makes this tea enduringly fascinating!


YOGI TEA® means more than just organic. The company's motto is ‘Feel good. Be good. Do good.’ For even better tea from the plantation to the cup: organic, ethical, sustainable.

All YOGI TEA® ingredients are grown on organic farms and contain no artificial additives or flavour enhancers.



Lemon grass, liquorice, shiitake mushroom, fenugreek, elderflower, linden flowers, basil, moringa, dried kombucha drink. Certified organic.

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Pour hot water on the sachet and leave for 4-6 minutes (or more for a stronger taste). Squeeze the sachet gently to release the active ingredients into the water. Yogi Tea tea bags are made of paper that has not been bleached with chemical chlorine derivatives. Each Yogi tea pack contains 17 ready-to-use tea bags.


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