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Red beans are a different variety of beans that stand out for their special red color and provide significant benefits to the human body, like all legumes.

 Their high protein content classifies them in the category of very filling meals.

They contain a lot of fiber as a result to help the proper functioning of the intestine, which is why they are recommended for people who have problems with constipation.

They contain calcium, magnesium, potassium and folic acid. They also contain dietary fiber and durable starch, which help break down food and absorb nutrients quickly.

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Rovitsa is a delicious legume, but less popular than other legumes. Its size is small, maybe even smaller than the lentil, while it stands out for its green color. 

Nutritional elements per 100 gr

Energy: 1452 kj / 347 kcal Fat: 1.22 g Saturated fat: 0.3 g

Carbohydrates: 63 g Plant Fiber 16.3 g Sugars: 6.49 g Protein: 23.9 g Sodium: 0.015 g

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The multigrain tourlou is a traditional legume of high nutritional value with colorful combinations of legumes and unique flavors, offering an ideal serving proposal at your table.


Ingredients: F. Medium 40%, F. Chandra 30%, F. Mavromatiko 10%, Rovitsa 10%, Fava 10%.


Nutritional elements per 100 gr

Energy: 1310 kj / 313 kcal Fat: 1.49 g Saturated fat: 0.29 g

Carbohydrates: 49.58 g Plant Fiber 25.3 g Sugars: 5.49 g Protein: 25.9 g Sodium: 0.014 g


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The magic mixed legumes, for nutritionally colorful salads and not only ...

It is a mixture of legumes with high nutritional value, as it is rich in proteins, minerals and trace elements.

It does not need soaking in the evening and is ideal for cold salad.


Nutritional elements per 100 gr

Energy: 1247 kj / 298 kcal

Fat: 1.09 g

Saturated fat: 0.24 g

Carbohydrates: 52.58 g

Plant Fiber 23.9 g

Sugars: 6.49 g

Protein: 28.9 g

Sodium: 0.014 g


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Tricolor lentils are an ideal and complete salad meal. It is a colorful combination of lentils, rich in iron and fiber.

They offer you all the nutrients of lentils as well as a wonderful image on your plate.

INGREDIENTS: Fine lentils 42%, Red lentils 26%, Black lentils 32%


Nutritional elements per 100 gr

Energy: 1368 kj / 327 kcal

 Fat: 1.03 g

Saturated fat: 0.19 g

Carbohydrates: 45.58 g

Plant Fiber 19.55 g

Sugars: 6.19 g

Protein: 24.9 g

Sodium: 0.0145 g


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Red lentils have a "softer" taste than ordinary lentils and are prepared much faster (it only takes 15 minutes). It is rich in protein and fiber. Also, due to its low content of insoluble (hard) fiber, it is more digestible, especially for people with irritable bowel.


If you cook it well, it is ideal for making it puree. You can also make it as a soup, following the same recipe as the classic lentils, or make wonderful exotic salads with it.


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Chickpeas of Larisa 

The boiling, delicious Greek chickpeas, legumes resistant and with minimal requirements, fit very well with the particular terrestrial and climatic conditions of Greece and can be cultivated even in stony soils with minimal water. Their great nutritional value is internationally recognized and so called in the past "the meat of the poor". In particular, they contain a large amount of proteins similar to those containing meat and milk, valuable vitamins A, B, C, niacin and folate. Greek chickpeas are the best chickpeas in the world, guaranteeing the experience and knowledge of Greek producers.

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Fava Melissochoriou

The favorite Greek accompanist of ouzo or wine that has over the past few years has conquered and the world of high gastronomy, is usually derived from the plant greed. From a nutritional point of view, fava is an important source of vegetable proteins, magnesium and potassium, and it does not contain fat. The Greek fava is unique and one of the best legumes in the world, guaranteeing the experience and knowledge of the Greek producers.

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Giant Beans of Florina

Greek beans have a great nutritional value because they contain many proteins that compete with the proteins that contain the meat, a large amount of vitamin A phosphorus, calcium, iron and a little fat. Greek beans are the tastiest beans in the world, guaranteeing the experience and knowledge of Greek producers.

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Organic legumes

The fine organic legumes "o goumenisses" come from the most fertile areas of Greece and are collected by selected organic growers. They have high quality characteristics and high nutritional value and are cultivated in a traditional way without the addition of pesticides.


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