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 A special variety of tomatoes is used, which after harvesting in the late summer are split open, salted and left to dry under the hot greek sun until they achieve the desired dryness. Marinated & packaged in greek olive oil for a lighter texture, drain & place them on your plate to smell and taste the greek  flavour .


We say sweet and sour but with a Greek twist! A truly captivating taste! Made with sweet peppers and almonds it resembles almost a jam. It is intoxicating with cheese and cold cuts and just mind blowing with poultry or pork… should come with a warning sign for addiction!

And while you are being intoxicated by it, you are also doing good helping others! From our exclusive range for Wise Greece (click here for more details).


Capers are great additions to sandwiches, pastas and salad dressings, lending recipes their acidic and yet delightful flavor. But while they’re a common sight across various cuisines, not a lot of people understand how capers are made or where they come from.


Capers usually come in glass jars in grocery and health food stores, and are never used fresh. Rather, they are pickled or cured with salt.1