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Greek Sauces based on homemade recipes. No  preservatives!



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This sauce is the ideal choice both for its use as an accompaniment to your meats, your hamburgers and more, as well as as a marinade before cooking. Made with pure ingredients and does not contain preservatives and gluten.

Ingredients: pistachio kernel, red wine vinegar, Tomato puree, sugar, pineapple juice, alcoholic vinegar, water, salt, modified cornstarch, caramel syrup, spices (mustard, celery), rapeseed oil, caramel.


Nutritional Value per 100g -


 Calories: 179 kcal


Energy: 758 kJ


Sugars: 36.70 g


Proteins: 0.80g


Fiber: 2.7 g


Salt: 3.10 mg


Name the most famous Italian dish.

Chances are you’ll say ‘Bolognese’. But some people choose not to eat its authentic ingredients, so we’ve expertly adapted our recipe to guarantee no one misses out.

We start with a traditional soffritto (that’s sautéed onions, garlic and carrots), add fresh Italian tomatoes.

Then use the magic of pea protein to create a Vegan Bolognese Sauce with a hearty texture.

Enjoy with a wide, flat pasta like tagliatelle. Get everyone together for tasty tacos.

Ingredients: Tomatoes, soya mince, basil, onions, with sugar, olive oil, vegetable oil, salt and pepper.


When we say Feta Cheese… we mean it! Made with 18% Feta Cheese!!!

The essence of Greece in a jar!

The ultimate Greek sensation of a sauce since Feta is the “national” cheese!

Feta cheese has been documented as a cheese made from the years of the Byzantine era, created by Greeks and made by Greeks only, it has become a favourite the world over.

This sauce has a deliciously rich taste and a beautiful creamy texture that you will enjoy with so many dishes, shrimp, pizza, pasta, lasagna and more.

Versatile as it is you can enjoy it as a dip, a condiment, a spread and more. 


Great Taste Award & Olymp Taste Award

Juicy, sweet tomatoes mixed with a splendid array of ingredients such as balsamic vinegar, thyme and “anthotyro” a Greek soft cheese with a subtle & delightful taste.

Try with pasta, pizza or shrimp… either as a sauce, dip, spread or condiment. 


Homemade Tomato Sauce From Smyrna with Smoked Red Pepper and Onion.

Handmade Sauce for soutzoukaki, burgers, meatballs !!!

INGREDIENTS: Tomato 65%, Onion, Organic olive oil, garlic, salt, sugar, wine, aromatic herbs, allspice, cumin, cinnamon, peppers, tomato paste, smoked peppers, carrot.


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