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Pistachio Treats.


 A gift that will satisfy even the most demanding palates !!!

Pistachio Blossom, Spoon Sweet "Mikaela's Goods 110gr

Pistachio Cream With Cocoa Cream "O Fotis" 200gr

Pistachio  Roasted Salted “ Mikaela's Goods”  200gr

Pistachio Submarine  “Mikaela's Goods” 220gr

Raw Pistachio Crumb Mikaela's Goods 100gr

Pistachio bouquets 

"O Fotis" 200gr

Pistachio Macaron  "O Fotis" 200gr

check Immediate Available

Gift box in handmade paper box !!!

You can create your own favorite flavor combinations at the price you want !!!


In case of product exhaustion, Mikaela’s goods holds the right to replace it with another similar product, of equal value.


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