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Strawberry Jam "PAPAYIANNIDES" (380gr)


Strawberry jam of exceptional quality without additives and pigments from the Papagiannidis Household in a glass jar of 380gr.

The products of “Papayiannides Cottage Industry” produced in accordance to HACCP Standards and containing only seasonal fruits.

None of the products contain artificial preservatives.

All of jams contain over 68% fruit content.

The Panagiannidis Manufacturing Company has been operating since 2001 in Mytilene and produces jams and sauces to bring back to our table pure, traditional, forgotten Aegean flavors with great care and care for high quality products. With recipes that keep since 1895 and with the latest packaging and product control machines, he manages to marry tradition with technology in the most modern yet traditional way of producing jam and sauce.

Only seasonal fruits are used to produce jams. Much of them come from a family estate in the Pyrgos Thermis of Lesvos, as well as other Aegean producers. The products are high in fruit (over 68%) and do not use preservatives, colors and substitutes for sugar.


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