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Vegan Mayo Mustard "Goumenisses" 270gr


Vegan Mayo Mustard

Ideal for those who follow an alternative diet, for those who care about their health but also for those who want to enjoy the particularly delicious Vegan Mayo without the risks of frequent consumption of eggs, sugar and salt.

Vegan Mayos are gluten free and soy free, low in salt and ideal for a ketogenic diet.

The product is certified as Vegan and offers great taste in potatoes, green salads, plant based and not, burger & hot dog, falafel, toast and all kinds of sandwiches.

• Vegan • Gluten Free • Sugars Free • Egg Free • Lactose Free • Soy Free • Dairy Free • Low Salt • Keto Friendly

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Try traditional delicacies from Goumenisses and feel the joy of good traditional greek cuisine!


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