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Superbar «Pasteleion» 50gr


The Energy King…………

No Added Sugar

The energy bar made ​​of 100 % natural raw materials. An excellent combination of flavor and nutritional value .

It joins the power of a beneficial root from Peru ( Maca ) , in conjunction with the nutritional value of Cranberries, of uncooked honey and dates in a mix with hemp protein, carob, sunflower seeds and fresh grounded almonds.

To complete this unique taste we add crumb from 100 % dark chocolate .

Enjoy without guilt a fresh , healthy meal , without preservatives and without flavorings .

INGREDIENTS: Sunflower seeds, Honey, Almond, Cranberries, Dates, Carob syrup, Hemp protein, Sesame, Maca, figs, Dark chocolate (100% cocoa), Raisins, 

The Pasteleion bars are prepared with the best natural ingredients. We never bake them so they stay soft and healthy. Moreover, honey which in a temperature higher than 40C loses its nutritional value always remains intact!


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