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Pasteli with sesame seeds, honey, Aegina pistachio nuts and cinnamon "Melichio" 75gr


Our traditional pasteli with authentic Aegina pistachios is a true tasty treasure. Without added sugar and preservatives, this select snack locks in all the beneficial properties of its ingredients. The healing effects of the honey combined with the beneficial properties of cinnamon, nutritious sesame seeds and valuable Aegina pistachios offer a unique taste experience.

Ingredients: Sesame seeds 45%, Aegina pistachios 5%, honey 50%, cinnamon

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With their strong anti-ageing and anti-hypertensive effects, sesame seeds are our allies against time. They reduce cholesterol, have antioxidant effects and help prevent cataracts and treat diabetes.


Aegina pistachios can be defined as small nutritional treasures that keep your heart healthy and help towards digestion, weight loss and fighting eye diseases. They contain vitamin E, which has anti-ageing properties, and have fewer calories than all other nuts.


Honey has countless therapeutic properties. It helps the heart function properly, strengthens the body against infections and has antiseptic effects. It is also known for its significant healing and regenerative properties, which render it a unique beauty elixir.


This magical spice has therapeutic properties and its frequent use counteracts the effects of time. It has strong anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effects, while it also helps fight indigestion, hypertension, headaches and ulcers.

Secret Recipe

The story of our pasteli goes far back to the first ascetic monks who combined honey and sesame seeds to make "sisamis", a nutritious and delicious sweet that occupied an important position in their daily diet. A diet that protected them and granted them longevity.

This simple recipe of the first monks, enriched with valuable taste secrets, was entrusted to the people of Patrikon by the Fathers of the Holy Monastery of Makariotissa, with love and respect to tradition. Inspired by their love for the earth and their fellow men and women, the monastery's monks create the purest delicacy that nature has to offer.

And so we created the finest handmade Melichio pasteli bars with the purest honey from Mount Helicon, mixed with nutritious and wholesome sesame seeds.

We have added ingredients to this basic recipe that make our pasteli bars unique. Cinnamon, the spice with the magical properties, antioxidant Aegina pistachios and black sesame seeds, rich in calcium, minerals and vitamins.


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