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Sauce Tomato & Garlic, Simply Delicious 280gr


Great Taste Award

Prepared with 15% garlic!!! Will keep the vampires away!

The garlic offers its spicy bite to the sweetness of the tomato and together they create a harmonious combination in sauce with award winning Great Taste. With absolute balance of the two flavours, this sauce can be enjoyed with pasta, pizza, as a condiment, with bean dishes, on bruschetta, as a dip and in many more ways…


All our sauces are ready for enjoyment with just a twist of the lid and extremely versatile. Already cooked, you can eat them straight out of the jar or you can heat them to enjoy with meals. Enjoy with pizza, pasta, lasagna, as dips, as condiments, with bean dishes, on bruschetta, in omelettes, with veggies, fish, meats, add some yogurt nad enjoy them as dressings for your salads…. the possibilities are endless….


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