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Walnut spoon sweet "Mastos" (330gr)


The sweet spoon walnut is rightly described as the king of the spoon sweets.

In the sweet preserves and jams produced by Mastos you will meet natural, soft and at the same time powerful tastes. They are made by following   traditional and pure recipes of seasonal, fresh fruits without the addition of preservatives.

Mastos gathers select fruits of the Mycenaean land while supporting small farmers who love and respect nature leaving her free of fertilizers and chemicals, thus ensuring the guaranteed excellent quality of our products.

During processing Mastos takes care of and elevates the natural characteristics of every fruit and mixes them with gentle scents from fresh sweet-scented pelargonium, twigs of vanilla and other elements of nature.

And because nutrition and health must coexist, Mastos has managed to maintain a tasty balance of combinations that are beneficial for the human body and your palate!


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