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Syllektikon, Traditional Tsipouro, "Evritika kellaria" 200ml



Traditional Tsipouro

Tsipouro  is a pomace Greek brandy. It is a strong distilled spirit and is produced from the residue of the wine press. This collectible traditional Tsipouro has been produced for the past 40 years, using the same techniques and dedication to taste and quality.

Within the traditional copper stills stone, this traditional tsipouro, double-boils with patience and care.

Depending on the time of year, tsipouro is used either as refreshment or as a hot beverage and always seem to coincide with various social gatherings, as their consumption had a festive and symposium-like quality. It is usually served in shot glasses, very cold, often with meze, walnuts, almonds, raisins, feta cheese, olives, or accompanying halva or other desserts in restaurants.

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“Evritika Kellaria”

We love making products that people enjoy.

Our heritage, tradition and culture is carefully distilled to bring you the best from the Greek land and vineyards.

Just a few dozen meters from the North-Eastern borders of Greece with Turkey and Bulgaria, Evritika Kellaria (meaning Cellars of Evros) are situated on a hill surrounded by acres of vineyards.


Here, we vinify, produce and bottle our famous wines “Onar”, “Orfeas” and “Enigma” from carefully selected grapes with passion for quality and taste, our unique traditional retsina “Evritika Kellaria” with its rich taste and our traditional ouzo & tsipouro, made from our 40 year old well hidden recipe.


Our modern facilities were built in 2004 based on all National & European regulation (such as ISO). In 2009, we expanded our facility with more tanks and machinery paving the way for tomorrow and abroad sales.


Our goal has been and will remain for the pleasure to be “yours” and the satisfaction “ours”.


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