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Pasteli Bites with Almond “Stathakis Family” 150gr


So small, yet so healthy..

The new delicious, healthy and sweet suggestion by Stathakisfamily.

 Made exclusively with the thyme honey you love, Greek almonds, Ceylon cinnamon and sesame seeds.

 These energy bombs full of vitamins and nutrients are claiming their rightful place in your everyday diet.

 An essential snack for the office, for school or for a trip. Anytime, any day, anywhere!

Apiculture as a family business started in 1963, when our father,  Stelios Stathakis, obtained his first beehives and ran a successful course. After several years of continuous effort, along with love and passion for beekeeping, our family business passed on to the following generations which continue the production with the same passion and responsibility. We feel extremely fortunate to live in an island with such a special territorial morphology.

We are beekeepers, not formulators. We pack and release exclusively our own honey to the market. The quantities are limited and always depending on the number of the beehives we exploit along with the weather conditions. The route from the beehive to the jar is made with respect to the product, without undergoing alterations, and by always complying with the rules of hygiene.


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