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Apple Cinnamon Handmade Bar "Brothers Raw Bar" 60gr


Delicious apple bar with Ceylon cinnamon, flavored with cloves to remind you of the first breeze of spring.

This snack is rich in fiber snacks and ideal for all hours.

Vegan, gluten free, no preservatives, no added sugar and no additives.


Medjool dates, almonds, walnuts, gluten free oat flakes, dried apple, oat fiber, cloves, Ceylon cinnamon


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Brothers handmade bars do not undergo any heat treatment to keep all their ingredients unchanged.

They are made from 100% natural ingredients and do not contain added sugar, dyes or preservatives.

 They are vegan, raw and can be enjoyed as a snack even during periods of fasting.


We are a family business engaged in the production of homogenized health food products. Our experience, dedication and love for healthy eating created the Brothers brand. Our goal is the production and distribution of healthy snacks.

Are you are interested in healthy snacks from pure ingredients or in eating food for nutritional reasons? Do you enjoy experimenting with new flavors and ideas? Brothers products are ideally suited to to meet the requirements of young and old.

Our passion for tasty and healthy nutrition is a commitment to maintaining high quality and finding new ideas for the production of innovative and novel products.

As proud supporters of Greek products and local producers, we make sure that all production stages take place in Greece with selected Greek ingredients.


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