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Spreads, Golden Raisin with Walnut 250gr


"Princess Currant" spread is an innovative product, with its main ingredient being Corinthian Black Currants & Golden raisin, known as a Greek superfood. In combination with almonts & walnuts, a nutritional threasure with beneficial properties for our body is created. It contains no preservatives or added sugar and is ideal for a breakfast rich in energy, on bread, toast, cereal, crackers or yogurt.

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Our blonde Corinthian Sultanas gets new format to excite the palates after marrying with our wallnuts and promises to make life more sweet without the guilt of sugar.  This innovative product has as our raw material the golden dried raisins which comes from the dehydation of the grapes. aprocess that takes place in thresh with the traditional  way we have inherited from our grandparents. Having selected for this spread the dried sultanas  we managed to get alla those  special ingredients and flavors that lasts into the flesh  after the slow drying that occurs in our threshing  floors.

The golden raisin superfood  spread with wallnuts can perfectly accompany our breakfast our breakfast on bread, toast, cereals, crackers, yogurt, but also we can taste it with spoon for those who want to taste more pure characteristics.  


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