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Watermelon Liqueur, "Kosteas", 50ml



Liqueur with a delicate watermelon flavor.

Perfect for lovers of sweet-tasting and refreshing drinks.

Watermelon Likeraki has a lively rose-red color and a sweet watermelon flavor, combined with a soft tinge of summer fruits like strawberry and melon. Enjoy it neat, with shaved ice and a slice of lime, or

create breezy cocktails by adding the ultimate summer twist!

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Likeraki®:We first started with the Mastic liqueur, which became a much faster seller than we ever thought. We have now entered dynamically in the production of liqueurs, creating more flavours: Watermelon, Coconut, Curaçao, Cherry and Caramel. All are best enjoyed refrigerated, following your meal. Taste them and let them take you on a journey to the good old days.



Since 1960, the Kosteas family has been following a tradition of many decades, by producing exceptional Greek beverages, according to the preferences and demands of the Greek consumer, with superior quality and, of course, taste.


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