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Rose Petals Tea (20gr) Anthea Organics


Rose Petals

Rose petals tea and especially Rosa Damascena, which is one of the best varieties in its category, is one of the top beneficial beverages for the human body and soul. Rich in vitamins A, E, B3, and F, is giving tremendous strength to vital organs of the human body, but also to the nervous system.

Each sip is a boost for a positive mood and it also has a very strong effect on rheumatism treatments, headaches, detoxification of the liver, restoration of the internal flora after antibiotics and as a sedative for sore throat.

Extra Info: Enjoy it in the morning and start your day with a positive mood.

The road to pleasure was always paved with… rose petals. Roses, famous for their imposing beauty, their dreamy smell and their rich history, are widely known as the King of flowers.

Many believe that the only thing roses have to offer, is incomparable beauty and a magnificent aroma. There are a lot more beyond the surface, though.


Recommended Dosage: For each cup, it is proposed 1 gr of rose petals tea (1 teaspoon)

Add fresh, warm, filtered water (95º – 100º C) in a pot and leave the tea to infuse for 4-8 minutes, with the lid on, to allow the essential oils to be released. It can be served plain, with honey or with stevia leaf.


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