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Green tea with mango juice and honey, "Yamas" 355ml


No added sugar.

We followed the same successful oriental recipe in our green ice tea with  mango. We preserved the best green tea variety, this natural antioxidant catechines source and managed to combine the wonderful taste of the exotic mango fruit with all the vitamins and benefits it offers.


The Greek soil offers unequaled raw materials for the production of spirits. Fruits, grains, aromatic herbs and seeds have formed the basis for the production of spirit drinks such as ouzo, tsipouro, mastic that can easily come across when traveling throughout Greece. The quality and uniqueness of Greek spirits and beverages were soon welcomed not only in the Greek market but also the international one. Our motivation:"Τhe great feeling of matching the tradition with the present to make something new". A new proposal Fresh-Revolutionary-Alternative but mostly enjoyable comes to join the Greek spirits' family. The combination of a traditional drink within an innovative way gives us a unique result. We have created and we present you the first series of Greek RTDs spirits from Greek beverages-ouzo, mastic and tsipouro-, low alcohol spirits (4% vol), carbon-rich found in various flavors in a vintage packaging content of 275 ml. The result is: YAMAS which contains the friendship, the joy, the smile, the sun, the sea and the whole tradition of Greece in just a bottle.


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