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Orzo pasta with porcini mushrooms "Dirfis" 280g


Ready-to-cook mix with orzo, sun-dried tomatoes from Euboea, dried mushrooms and onion.

Nutritional value: source of protein, fiber, low fat with no additives and no preservatives.

Our Orzo is based on Greek Orzo  where we mix a generous mixture of dried mushrooms that reaches 10% and vegetables so as to give our mixture a rich flavor, without the use of chemical flavors or other technological aids. All you have to do is add salt and pepper.

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Our MUSHROOM SOUPS with vegies” are based on a unique ancient Greek recipe of “Trahana”. In her book, “The old world kitchen” the British food historian, Elizabeth Luard, calls “trahana” the most primitive noodle in the world, the ancient solution to the problem of how to make milled grain palatable, storable, and portable." Semolina whole grain flour is mixed with milk, eggs, vegetables and herbs, ground to small grains and then left to dry.


We masterfully converted this recipe to a modern and healthy vegetarian meal replacing the milk and eggs with vegetables and sun-dried mushrooms.


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