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Shells Tricolore, "EUZOIA" 400gr


Dried Carrot, Tomato and Spinach fill the taste of our pasta and leave the imagination free for tasty combinations.

It is an ideal choice for a table full of colors !!!

Serve perfectly as a Pasta Salad. You can combine them with Colorful peppers and Olives, olive oil, vinegar, pepper, salt.

They are the Ideal Solution in an Inferior Period.

As well as for Vegans.

A complete meal with all the Nutrient Ingredients our Organization needs.

Ingredients: 100% wheat semolina, carrot 6%, tomato 6%, spinach 6%


It is the perfect gift offer either in a children's party or in a visit to our beloved friend, or in Christmas/Easter at Baptistery, in a Celebration or in a Baptism as a Gift to the Guests! All that remains is to decide on what occasion we want it!

Suggested Recipes:

Ideal Offer to Combine with Cheese-Feta as it is a complete Supplementary High Quality Lunch in its own right.


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