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Muesli Cinnamon Apple Chips "Daskalakis Family" 350g


Apple Cinnamon Muesli is a product that combines the taste of Greek apple with aromatic Ceylon cinnamon, creating an excellent choice for your breakfast.

• vegan

•without preservatives

• no added sugar

• without palm oil


Muesli contains the crispiest apple chips in Greece, giving a unique crispness and taste.

Based on oats and ingredients such as almond, pumpkin seed, raisin and Ceylon cinnamon, it offers balanced taste and nutritional value. It is a healthy choice that reflects the natural charm of the Greek land.

Oats (67%), (Dried Greek apple, almond, pumpkin seed, raisin) (32.5%), Ceylon cinnamon (0.5%).

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This Muesli reflects our commitment to high quality ingredients and the respected art of organic gastronomy.


We offer an ideal solution for those who want a tasty and healthy breakfast, within the plant-based lifestyle.

You can consume it:

• Of course, together with milk at breakfast.

• Accompanied by the evening yogurt.

• In a smoothie bowl.

The products of the Daskalaki family are produced by hand with the purest raw materials without added sugar and glucose.

Just like we do in our own home.

If anything characterizes our products is the rich amount of nuts, chocolate and dried fruits that you will find in each of our bites.

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