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Mastiha flavored nougat pie with almonds "Korakis" 50gr


Traditional, handmade Greek "pie" from Chios with pure natural mastic and whole roasted almonds.

An improved version of the Greek traditional nougat pie. A delicious treat made with the addition of natural mastic and some whole roasted almonds.

Traditional recipe, sweet smooth taste.

Without colouring, without chemicals, without preservatives!

The real thing with mastic taste. A nice, sweet snack.


The course steps of the Korakis Company are originally identified with the course of life of Panagiotis Korakis, the founder of the company.


Panagiotis Korakis, a Chian sugar and crust products importer and trader, decided around 1935 to expand his enterprise in the field of sweet preserves.


There was plentiful raw material, not only the Chian orchards with the well-known citrus fruits but also the sugar and crust that he himself traded. The first shop was set up near the Vounaki sq., in the area that the Homerion Cultural Center of Chios is now located. Initially Panagiotis Korakis offered baklavas, kataifi and his famous quince mash mellow.


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