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A dried fruit salad that will not leave you indifferent. Delicious but also healthy, since it does not contain added sugar, only the natural sugars of the fruit. Ideal for all hours, you can enjoy it with yogurt, in your cereal for breakfast or alone.

·         No added sugar

Ingredients: Apple – Pear – Peach – Apricot

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Roasted in hot air for a few minutes, and all the flavor fills your mouth. From a nutritional point of view, they are not inferior to raw almonds. So take a break and give Nutorious Roasted Almonds a try.

Ingredients: Unsalted Almonds

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A blend of a healthy food and more. Lots of vitamins, minerals, protein and fiber in a jar. Enjoy it plain or make your own breakfast by adding cereal and milk or yogurt. Even try it with ice cream, or make your own cereal bar.

·         No added sugar

Ingredients: Raw cashews – Raw almonds – Raw pumpkin seeds – Corinth black currants – Cranberries


The Corinthian black currant is a Greek product with great nutritional value. Especially in recent years has become a great buzz around the many important properties, which make it super-food.

The raisin has antioxidant and anti-allergic properties, dietary fiber, potassium and powerful anticancer, antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. It helps control blood pressure and cholesterol lowering, and despite the sweetness does not appear to adversely affect diabetes.


An extra fine dark chocolate spread enriched with hazelnut.

The product is Gluten Free, Lactose Free, Palm oil Free.

Ideal for vegan diet.

The product can be used as filling in waffles or croissant, perfect for topping (ice cream, pancakes) or as a ingredient for patisserie creams.