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Banana Liqueur, "Kosteas", 500ml



Ideal ingredient in cocktails based on aged rum, the Banana Liqueur is made from ripe bananas, giving off tropical aromas.

It can be perfectly combined with pineapple puree or citrus peels, giving an exotic character to both strong shooters and long drinks!

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Likeraki®:We first started with the Mastic liqueur, which became a much faster seller than we ever thought. We have now entered dynamically in the production of liqueurs, creating more flavours: Watermelon, Coconut, Curaçao, Cherry and Caramel. All are best enjoyed refrigerated, following your meal. Taste them and let them take you on a journey to the good old days.



Since 1960, the Kosteas family has been following a tradition of many decades, by producing exceptional Greek beverages, according to the preferences and demands of the Greek consumer, with superior quality and, of course, taste.


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