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Handmade spaghetti «Spartou» from Chios "Chiotiko Kellari" 500gr


A pasta found in many Greek islands.

The peculiarity of the traditional Chios s is that they were opened with the help of sparto, a shrub with long and slender branches, which functioned as a rolling pin.

They occupy an important place in Chios cuisine, and evoke memories of the past.


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"Chiotiko Kellari"

The workshop is located in the settlement of Vessa in the Municipality of Mastichochoria. It is housed in a traditional house, built in the last century. The workshop is adapted to the modern way of production and processing required by the current conditions.

The workshop is a sign of our respect for the tradition of the place, from which we got the elements of the Mediterranean diet.

Products are made with pure ingredients, without flavor additives, dyes or preservatives.

Respecting the nutritional needs of the modern consumer.

With a guarantee of the excellent quality of the products, we invite you and challenge you to get to know the chiotiko Kellari.


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