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Forget the usual ...

A new tasty suggestion to accompany grilled meats such as juicy fillet, burger, brisket, milk steak, ribeye, chicken as well as baked potato and vegetables, salads or gourmet brios with cold cuts.

Take off your dishes with the creamy texture and rich taste of Gourmet Mayonnaise "the goumenisses" Premium Mayonaise

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When you want something delicious but super nutritious!

No Sugar!!!

Try the Handmade Peanut Butter with carob honey "Oi Goumenisses" in snacks, as a coating on bread, with fruit and in cooking and pastry recipes, combining the fantastic taste with all the nutritional benefits of peanuts and carob

Pistachio spread  "Lenas Gourmet" 100g
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A luxury White Chocolate Spread with a 30% Pistachio content which makes for an intense and unique flavour. A must for pistachio lovers. In addition to its exceptional taste this spread also provides the strong nutritional benefits of pistachios which include more potassium and Vitamin K than any other nut.  Typically used as spread, filling, topping, eaten alone.


Handmade Chutney Fig from Greek vegetables, fruits and herbs, the gourmet chutney "the goumenisses" will take you on new delicious journeys! Enjoy them with meat and poultry, with ripe yellow or white cheeses and with spicy cold cuts!


Try the gourmet dessert "Strawberry Collection" for high gastronomic pleasures!

Juicy whole strawberries with chocolate couverture, which will take off your taste.

Enjoy them with various cheeses & cold cuts, as an accompaniment with sparkling wine or champagne, in crepes or yours, with strained yogurt, with ice cream or just plain